Applications for FBC’s Teen-to-Work and College Prep programs are now open! These programs help high school aged students prepare for the next stages in their lives. These 5-week residential programs focus on giving participants the skills and confidence they need to live independently, go to college, and enter the job force. Here are 5 tips to prepare for college.

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1: Practice follow-up skills with teachers and counselors.

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In college and in a career, communication is vital. It is best to follow up within 24 hours when you get an email, text, missed call, or voicemail. Learning and practicing these skills early can help them become so normalized that they are second nature.

2: Obtain a copy of your most recent eye report.

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You will need to keep track of important documents such as transcripts, your FAFSA, and medical records. Add these to an important documents folder and make sure they are accessible going forward. Your eye report will help you get ready to apply to Vocational Rehabilitation and FBC’s programs.

3: Be Curious

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Ask someone new about their career, and why they chose it. The more people you talk to, the better an idea you might get about what you are interested in pursuing. This is also true about colleges and college majors. Developing a curious mindset can also help you stand out by showing that you’re willing to learn.

4: Prepare for College Prep

Vocational Rehabilitation Roadshow happens in January. Be sure to ask a VR Counselor or your TVI about attending this virtual event to learn more about youth summer transition programs.

If you are not already signed up with Vocational Rehabilitation, Click here to find out more and apply.

5: Fill out your FAFSA.

If you are planning to go to college, the FAFSA application is live. Make sure to submit this if you are heading to college in fall 2024.

Click here to apply for student aide.

Apply for FBC’s summer 2024 programs!

If you are ready to apply or just want to learn more about FBC’s transition programs, click the links below. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Click here to apply for Teen-to-Work.

Click here to apply for College Prep.