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From latest events to upcoming events to success stories and so much more. Below you will find all the latest updates and goings on at FBC. Enjoy!

3110, 2023

Fall Festival At FBC

Today, we hosted our Fall Festival at FBC, celebrating the season at all of our campuses! Students and their families dressed up and traveled around in costume to enjoy the not-so-spooky season. FBC staff got in on the fun with their own costumes and decorations. On their trick or treat trail, students got to leave school for the morning and [...]

2610, 2023

Why Businesses Should Care About Accessibility for the Blind

In an increasingly diverse and inclusive world, businesses must adapt to meet the needs of all their customers, including those with visual impairments. Making products, services, and physical spaces more accessible isn't just about compliance with disability regulations. Its not just about creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. It’s also smart business. According to the Centers for [...]

2410, 2023

4 Tips on How to Be A Sighted Guide

  Navigating the world can be challenging for someone who is visually impaired. While people are often surprised at how independent blind and low-vision people can be, sometimes, a helping hand can make a world of difference in their daily life. It’s important not to assume that someone walking with a white cane or a guide dog needs help, but it [...]

1910, 2023

The Importance of Audio Descriptive Movies

  Everyone likes watching a good movie. The world of cinema is a magical realm where storytelling unfolds through vivid visuals, compelling dialogue, and evocative soundscapes. However, for individuals with visual impairments, fully experiencing the magic of movies can be a challenge. That's where audio descriptive movies come to the rescue. Increased access to descriptive movies has transformed the cinematic experience [...]

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