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From latest events to upcoming events to success stories and so much more. Below you will find all the latest updates and goings on at FBC. Enjoy!


2903, 2024

Arizona Skin Cancer Foundation visits FBC

Protect Your Skin: Understanding the Importance of Sunscreen and Its Various Forms Sunscreen isn’t just a beach-day essential; it’s a year-round necessity for maintaining healthy skin. Whether you’re soaking up the sun while on vacation or going about your daily routine, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is crucial. This week, the Arizona Skin Cancer Foundation visited FBC to [...]

2803, 2024

Honoring Marc Ashton for 17 Years of Service

Ashton Family Field Dedication This morning, Foundation for Blind Children celebrated Marc Ashton by dedicating the field at our Central Campus as the Ashton Family Field. Marc is retiring at the end of June after 17 years as FBC’s CEO. It has been a long and exciting 17 years, full of challenge, growth, and success, and we are honoring Marc [...]

1403, 2024

Read Across America and the Importance of Reading

Story Time Every year, on March 2nd, classrooms, libraries, and communities across the United States celebrate Read Across America and the importance of reading. This annual event, organized by the National Education Association (NEA), aims to promote literacy and encourage a love for reading among people of all ages.  At Foundation for Blind Children, we celebrated Read Across America and [...]

503, 2024

Tax Dollars: Choose Where to Send Yours

Tax Dollars at Work Want to make an impact with your tax dollars? You can choose where to send your tax dollars when you use the Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit. This tax credit lets you donate to a qualified nonprofit like FBC and get all your money back when you file your taxes. Individuals can get a credit up [...]

103, 2024


Goalball at FBC Sports play a big role in the physical and emotional development of many kids. For children who are visually impaired, having access to physical activities is vital in making sure they can not only stay active, but develop additional skills that will help them navigate the world without sight. Goalball is a sport that was created for [...]

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