A goalball athlete crouches in front of a net, surrounded by stadium lights. Text reads: "2024 Adaptive Sports Expo presented by Foundation for Blind Children."

Adaptive Sports Expo

Foundation for Blind Children is gearing up for our first Adaptive Sports Expo, where families can learn about different adaptive sports and even try some of them out. We will have demonstrations of running without vision, rock climbing, and beep kickball. We can’t forget the game made by and for visually impaired athletes: goalball.

A man wearing a blindfold kneels in preparation to throw a goalball, focusing intently before his throw.

Photography courtesy of Abilty360

What is Goalball?

Goalball is played by two teams of three players. Each team is charged with defending one end of the court. To score a goal, a player must roll a ball past the other team and out past the back line of the court.

What makes goalball unique is its built-in adaptations. First, players are required to wear eye shades, so everyone is on the same playing field. Then, the ball used to play has a bell inside so players can use audible cues to know where the ball is, where it’s going, and what other players are doing.

Even the court is designed to be used without vision. Players can feel tactile lines on the ground to see where they are on the court, where they are supposed to be positioned, and where the boundaries are.

Adaptive Running

Running is a sport that visually impaired athletes can excel at. Running with a guide can a runner focus on their running, so they don’t have to be worrying as much about navigation.

At the Adaptive Sports Expo, we will have a demonstration on some methods visually impaired runners use to great success. Give it a shot, and maybe we’ll see you at next month’s Stride for Sight 5k.

Two girls participating in the Stride for Sight 5K event, with one girl guiding the other who has a blindfold over her eyes.

Join us for the Adaptive Sports Expo

Come out to FBC Central Campus on Saturday, February 24. Learn about adaptive sports and give them a try. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Registration is open.