Accessible tv shows, movies or performances through audio description



What is audio description?

Audio description is narration added to the soundtrack of a tv show, movie or performance to describe important visual details that cannot be understood from the main soundtrack alone.  It’s a way to inform individuals who are blind or who have low vision about visual content essential for comprehension.  Audio description of video provides information about actions, characters, scene changes, on-screen text, and other visual content.  It supplements the regular audio track of a program and is usually added during existing pauses in dialogue. Audio description is also called “video description” and “descriptive narration”.


Where can I find it?

Audio description is available on tv channels, Netflix, movies, sporting events and performances.

For the movies, on the theatre website, it is listed as AD next to the movie title before the show times. When you arrive at the theatre go to guest services and request an audio description headset that will sync with the movie once it begins.

For TV, an AD logo pictured below, will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen at the start of the show. If you are not sure how to tun on audio description on your TV, contact your cable company or do a search for accessibility on their website.

On streaming services, such as Netflix, you can search titles available with audio description. The way you can turn on the audio description varies depending on the device you’re using. The service help center provides step by step instructions.

At a sporting event, such as a professional baseball or basketball game, you can also request a headset from guest services. Or you can use an app on your phone to listen to the radio broadcast.

For a live performing art, such as a play, call the box office to find out when their AD performance is scheduled. Most theatres have at least one AD performance.


Where can I find more info?

The American Council of the Blind has The Audio Description Project that includes all sorts of information such as lists of movie titles, TV show schedules and so much more. Take your entertainment to a whole new level with audio description!