Summer Music Therapy

Instruments flying around a yellow background, graphic reads: Summer Music Therapy

Exclusive for Our Early Intervention Families At the Foundation for Blind Children, summer music therapy is a time for children with visual impairments to experience the joy of music in a supportive and inclusive environment.  Through this program, children can develop their musical abilities, improve their communication skills, and enhance their social interactions with peers. […]

Izan walking around the gym with the help of a teacher

Izan’s Journey Izan’s journey at Foundation for Blind Children (FBC) is one of progress and triumph. At just three years old, Izan was diagnosed with a Cortical Visual Impairment, but he didn’t let that stop him. He joined FBC’s Early Intervention program where he received the care and support he needed to thrive. Today, at […]

Annual Report

Image: Woman holding a white cane walking towards the Foundation for Blind Children's building. Text reads: Foundation for Blind Children - 2022 Annual Report

READ ACCESSIBLE PDF The Foundation for Blind Children’s annual report is a comprehensive guide to our progress and achievements over the past year. The report also includes detailed statistics and data showcasing our progress in areas such as education, rehabilitation, and advocacy. Another key feature of the report is the list of all the generous […]

Kaiya stands in front of an airplane holding her white cane

FBC believes in challenging people with vision loss to achieve feats they, and the world, thought impossible. Challenge Events accomplish this by giving students opportunities of a lifetime. Previous events include:– Swimming Alcatraz – Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro – Sailing the Caribbean – Hiking the Grand Canyon – Rafting the Colorado River – Flying across the […]