Corporate Scholarships for Blind and Disabled Children

“C” Corporations with an Arizona income tax liability and insurance companies that pay an Arizona premium tax credit can redirect their tax liability to Foundation for Blind Children and receive a 100% tax credit!  This money is awarded to Preschool and K-­‐12 special needs students for private school tuition assistance.   

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"Health Net continuously looks for ways to improve the overall health of our communities. We are honored to support Foundation for Blind Children through Arizona's School Tuition Organization tax credit program. Our contribution helps enable a quality education for blind and visually-­‐impaired students throughout the state of Arizona."
Bret Morris
Health Net of Arizona

"We are grateful for the opportunity to support the Foundation for Blind Children in its effort to ensure students with disabilities have access to a quality education. Giving parents of blind children new choices for education and appropriate resources are important components in helping people live healthier lives."
Jeri Jones,
Chief Executive Officer
UnitedHealthcare of Arizona

For more information on the tax credits, please contact:
Marc Ashton Chief Executive Officer  P: 602-­‐678-­‐5801  E: