Female student holding a white cane smiles proudly as she walks under the white cane arch at cane quest

Cane Quest 2024

Congratulations to the participants of the 2024 Cane Quest at the Foundation for Blind Children! Cane Quest is a fun challenge put on in partnership with Braille Institute that allows students to demonstrate their orientation and mobility skills.

Female student holding a white cane smiles happily as she walks under the white cane arch at Cane Quest

How Does Cane Quest Work?

There are several regional Cane Quest events around the country. Students were divided into 3 groups:

  • Scouts: Grades 3-6.
  • Explorers: Grades 7-9.
  • Trailblazers: Grades 10-12.

Explorers and Trailblazers were given verbal instructions that they must follow to navigate a secret route through the community. In order to complete the course, they had to use proper travel techniques. They demonstrated their knowledge of using a white cane and ensured they were using it correctly as they navigated.

Scouts were partnered with a sighted adult to complete their course. They earn coins by practicing correct orientation and mobility techniques and were tested on their knowledge of basic concepts.

Sticking to the FBC campus, scouts were tested on their ability to navigate a building, go up and down stairs, and even practice getting in a line and interacting with someone as if they were at a business.

Contestants were monitored at all times by trained volunteers.

Why is Cane Quest Important?

Cane Quest seeks to motivate visually impaired youth to practice proper safe travel. Giving kids the chance to show off their mastery of orientation and mobility techniques in a fun and engaging way is a great way to reinforce those skills. The contest is designed to promote students’ confidence in any environment, so they can be prepared to take on the world as they grow up and become independent.

Student feels textures with his hands as one of Cane Quests challenges for trailblazers

You can help!

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