Foundation for Blind Children’s Cody Alvarez Receives
Regional Champion of Young Children Award from First Things First


Two photos side by side of the certificate Cody received for the Champion of Young Children and a headshot of Cody


Foundation for Blind Children’s Cody Alvarez, Youth and Family Services Manager, receives First Things First’s Phoenix North Region Champion of Young Children award.

First Things First was created by Arizona voters. The agency partners with families and communities to help Arizona’s young children be ready for success in kindergarten and beyond. First Things First’s annual Champion of Young Children award recognizes local champions who actively volunteer their time. These champions raise public awareness of the importance of early childhood development and health.

Alvarez, as a longtime supporter of Arizona’s children in her role at Foundation for Blind Children, received the 2022 Phoenix North Champion award. She joined Foundation for Blind Children as a paraeducator in 2005. Three months later, she took on managing FBC’s Youth and Family Services including events, Sports Habilitation Arts and Recreation Program aka “S.H.A.R.P.” and Teen-to-Work. Alvarez connected with First Things First in 2016 to share their resources with families FBC serves. She continues to do so six years later.

“I love working with families. To connect them and just be there for the ups, downs and everything else”, says Alvarez.

Foundation for Blind Children looks forward to providing early childhood programs and other services to even more Arizona families alongside First Things First in the future.