Online webinar about Cortical Visual Impairments reaches over 100 vision professionals

This past month, the Foundation for Blind Children’s Director of Early Childhood, Jaime Pack-Adair, reached vision professionals across the country with invaluable information to better serve students with Cortical Visual Impairments.

Cortical Visual Impairment or CVI is one of the three leading causes of visual impairments among students in the United States. It’s caused by damage to parts of the brain that process vision. There is no cure for CVI but vision rehabilitation and intervention can help.

Teacher of the visually impaired works with a young studentThe Council of Exceptional Children Division of Visual Impairments and Blindness works to advance the education of individuals with visual impairments and to promote related educational, scientific and charitable purposes. Over 100 vision professionals attended a national webinar presented by FBC’s Jaime Pack-Adair through a grant for DVIDB. Jaime shared her expertise about “Innovative Interventions and Strategies for students with Cortical Visual Impairment”. Participants left the webinar with effective materials, interventions, strategies and supports to provide students. They also were able to identify guiding principles for each level of impairment and environment adaptations.

Jaime says it’s important for teachers of the visually impaired and other educators to have the appropriate skills to meet their students’ needs. By preparing educators to better serve students with CVI, FBC is setting students in Arizona and beyond up for success for years to come.