Every summer, a group of teens leave their homes to spend 5 weeks living independently on the campus of Arizona State University and participate in FBC’s Teen-to-Work program. For most of the students, it is their first time living away from home. They learn many of the crucial skills needed to live independently and go to work. One of the lessons they learn is dressing for career success.


Teens standing outside a truck on the ASU campus, engaged in a hands-on dress for success activity with a mobile closet setup inside the truck.

In the time they spend in the program, students get real-world experience and lessons in everything from cooking, budgeting, and cleaning to writing resumes and applying for jobs. Beyond the practical things they learn, a vital role of this program is to build their confidence.

Living on your own is scary for anyone, but the transition can be even harder for someone who can’t see. These 5 weeks prepare each student with the skills they will need, as well as the knowledge that they can do it. There’s nothing like experience to lesson a fear.

Dress for Success


At FBC, we expect our students to live up to their full potential, and for many of our students, that means having a fulfilling career. Teen-to-Work is just part of how we accomplish that goal. Instructors teach students how to write resumes and apply for jobs. There are opportunities to practice interview skills. They also get to go out into the community to see what it’s like having a job and a career.  

Being a professional is more than just acting the part though: you also have to look the part. Dress for Success is an organization that provides clothing to help people gain economic independence. They came out to ASU with their mobile wardrobe to let our students pick out a professional outfit.  

This was a great learning opportunity for many of the students. Without the ability to see people around them, often people who are visually impaired are unaware of how they are expected to dress. This was a great lesson on fit, fashion, and professionalism.  

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