Polly: The New Braille Teaching Tool Presentation


Mar 20 2024


11:20 am - 12:00 pm

Polly: The New Braille Teaching Tool Presentation

Polly: The New Braille Teaching Tool Presentation
This Event’s Overview: Presentation on Polly at the CSUN Conference
Date: March 20th
Time: 11:20am – 12:00pm
Location: Anaheim, CA
Organizers and Contact Information:   Jesse Roan EMAIL


Polly is an electronic Wi-Fi enabled braille learning device that teaches reading, typing, writing, vocabulary, and spelling in both contracted and uncontracted braille using a gamified approach. With immediate feedback, incorporation of music, and competitive games, Polly puts the fun into learning braille! This device includes multiple input methods, a speaker for instruction and feedback, and an online teacher portal that allows remote access and progress monitoring for educators/parents. Polly contains both a 6-dot braille keyboard and an electronic slate to accommodate the preference of the user.

Registration for this event is closed. Please consider Requesting a Training in your area.


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