The newborn was labeled “failure-to-thrive”


Ethan is a champion – he never gives up and his family will never give up on him. Ethan was born addicted to drugs. He weighed 1 pound, 2 ounces (no more than a water bottle) and was diagnosed as “failure-to-thrive.” But his foster parents weren’t going to accept that.

At three months old, they knew his eyes were not well. After a cataract surgery, Ethan was inconsolable. The nurse asked for Ethan’s mom (usually in a foster situation, they call for the “foster parents,” but never ‘Mom’). She held him close and he instantly calmed. At that moment, she knew they needed to adopt this little boy.

After multiple surgeries, he lost his left eye. But that never slowed him down.

FBC provided the support Ethan’s family needed to advocate for him. Through home visits, his mom learned how to help him feel his way through the first few years of life. When he turned three, Ethan began preschool at FBC. During that time, mom continued to get help with teaching techniques as well as advice on how to prepare a home for a boy with low vision.

After only one year, Ethan was ready for public school. But his first grade teacher quickly noticed that he was having a hard time finding his chair in class. Ethan was diagnosed with retinal folds and required surgery. When the doctors told his mom that his retina could not be re-attached, she immediately turned to FBC for advice.

It was agreed that Ethan would come back to FBC to learn braille in preparation for the future. Ethan loves his teachers and is happy to be reunited with his preschool friends. His mom says that every time he sings a new song, she realizes that they made the right choice.

Because of the Foundation for the Blind Children and the love of Ethan’s family, he is now running and jumping – being a little boy. He even played t-ball last spring! Maybe he will grow up to be a baseball player, a teacher, or a doctor? We all have big dreams for Ethan –our champion.

His future is bright. Because of you, Ethan and his family have the tools, resources and support to face whatever challenges come their way.

Thank you for helping Ethan succeed!