By: Cara Martinez

Foundation for Blind Children held their annual fashion show presented by Waymo, Saturday, February 12 from 5-6 p.m. at the FBC’s Central Campus’ Pulliam Gymnasium. Youth and Family Service Manager, Cody Alvarez, and Educational Services Employee, Maureen Houser, hosted the event. 

Eighteen models participated, ranging from birth to 18 years old. Each received $50 to purchase a new outfit for the show sponsored by individuals and families. 

Frances walks down the runway in an olive green knee length dress“This is such a fun thing to do every year”, says FBC client and model Frances Chapman. “I chose this outfit because it compliments my eyes, and it is cozy.” 

FBC teachers and paraeducators volunteered to style models’ hair and makeup. Models showed off their outfits as they walked down a red-carpeted runway in the middle of the gym. Delta Gamma Alum decorated the space with centerpieces and a backdrop donated by an FBC employee. Most models finished their strut with a twirl at the end of the runway. Photos and dinner catered by Nick’s followed the fashion show.

Atlas smiles after walking down the runway

Christina Renteria is a mother of a child with a visual impairment and a new member of FBC.
She says they feel included and at ease, “My son won’t be looked at differently. He’ll be accepted.” 

Renteria feels less alone after discovering FBC and its community of parents with visually impaired children. Her son will soon be attending the Floye Steele Center in Chandler, AZ. 

A recording of the fashion show is available on Facebook Live for people to view.