Image of FBC's red carpet runway for our Fashion Show.

The flowers are brought in, the chairs are placed, the photographers ready their focus, the MC stands at the podium, and the Red Carpet is unrolled. There is an excitement in the air. The models are prim and proper. FBC’s 2024 Fashion Show is just days away. 

Every year, Foundation for Blind Children puts on a Fashion Show in which our students to participate. From infants to high schoolers, everyone has the opportunity to dress their best in a fresh, new, look and strut their stuff on our catwalk. The energy is palpable. The enthusiasm is only overshadowed by the smiles and laughter. This truly unique FBC event builds confidence, self-esteem, and wonderfully long-lasting memories.

A young FBC student walks the red carpet in a striking windowpane suit.

Community & Togetherness

The fashion show is not only an opportunity to help these young people build confidence and explore new experiences, it is also helps build friendships and if nothing else, is just plain and simply, FUN.

This event allows families to come together for an afternoon to see some cute kids and enjoy each other’s company. Our models get to dress to the nines, get their hair and makeup done, and get a small taste what it feels like to be a part of Paris Fashion Week.

A young FBC student walks the red carpet in her finest dress.

Help Us Celebrate the Fashion Show!

There will be an abundance of cuteness and a ton of fun, so come out to support your child or consider sponsoring a model. By sponsoring a model, you can make sure all of our kids and families have the ability to pick out their best look so they can dress to impress.

Click here to sponsor a model!

A young boy, an FBC student dressing in sport coat, bow tie, and slacks, and his stylized cane, poses for the camera.
A joyful family walks the red carpet, sharing laughter and smiles as they accompany their young son.

A family walks the red carpet together.

A makeup artist and hairdresser carefully styles a young boy's hair before the fashion show.

A young boy gets his hair and make-up done.

A teenage girl walks the red carpet in a beautiful dress.

A teen walks the read carpet in a striking dress.

FBC Fashion Show

Our Fashion Show is a truly unique event. Our students are the stars, and they are who it’s all about. Participants pick out their outfits with their families and walk the red carpet at the fashion show.

The fashion show involves kids of all ages and abilities. To make sure the entire audience is included as well, the hosts describe all the outfits. This allows visually impaired members of the audience to enjoy the event.

Illustration of a young girl modeling for FBCs Fashion Show.

If You Can…

Help support FBC’s Family Services, so we can continue making memories with our families. Please consider making a gift so that we can continue to provide uncompromising services to families, children, and community.

Learn about ways to give and donate to FBC.Learn about ways to give and donate to FBC.