With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Foundation for Blind Children is giving thanks. We want to share why we’re feeling grateful for an amazing year. 2023 has been a year of growth, resilience, and incredible community support for FBC, making it a year worth celebrating. Here are just a few of the things we’re thankful for.

Our Amazing Team

Group of volunteers posing for a photo during the "Night for Sight" event at Dominick's, all wearing cheerful smiles.

First and foremost, the dedication of FBC’s staff and volunteers cannot be overstated. Our team has remained dedicated to our mission, working tirelessly to provide education, tools, and services to the people we serve. From innovative educational programs to empowering life skills workshops, the FBC team has gone above and beyond to ensure that every visually impaired individual they serve has the tools they need to thrive.

We need everyone on our team to make this place run, and luckily, we have the best team in the world. Our teachers, therapists, and paraeducators change the lives of our kids every day. Our adult instructors help people live independent lives. Our library staff make sure students have all the materials they need to learn successfully in school. Finally, we’re grateful for our admin staff, who help things run smoothly and ensure everyone has what they need to help our students and clients.

Community Support

Volunteers from the Phoenix Valley of the Sun, generously providing bags of popcorn during our White Cane Walk event.

The support from the community has been incredible too. Local businesses, individuals, and groups have stood by FBC, knowing how important our work is. Because of this support, FBC has been able to help even more people with visual impairments and their families.

We are grateful for everyone who turned up at our community and family events. From the White Cane Walk to the FBC Fashion Show, our community was able to come together to celebrate, advocate, and grow together. It’s just as amazing to see our community gather for things like the annual school Sharing Feast as it is to see a packed house at Night for Sight.

Looking Forward

FBC has a lot to give thanks for this Thanksgiving. From the awesome team to the support from the community, new technologies, and partnerships, FBC is making a real impact. We’re filled with gratitude and excitement as we look forward to empowering more people with vision loss to reach their full potential.