Guide dog helping blind man in the city.

September is Guide Dog Month

Foundation for Blind Children is celebrating and showing pride for National Guide Dog Month this September. We are extending out our hands to all communities to join in the celebration with us!

Guide dogs gave the blind community the gift of freedom and independence during a time when blind individuals were negatively stereotyped in society. The history of these hard-working canines can be traced all the way back to WWI, when dogs were trained in Germany to assist veterans who had gone blind from chemical warfare. These highly trained dogs have been our steady companions and it’s no wonder why one of the first guide dogs in America was named Buddy.

Smiling blind man sitting in armchair and hugging golden retriever Guide Dog

Interested in reading more on the subject? Here are links to resources used for this post:

This month, FBC will be promoting and sharing many posts, videos, and events dedicated to raising awareness about the wonderful companions to the blind. Some of the topics we will be discussing are:

  • General Learning Opportunities – do’s and don’ts when you meet someone with a service dog
  • Interviews with trainers and owners
  • The journey of getting a service dog
  • Orientation and Mobility stories
  • And much more, including a very Special Event which you can learn more about here: Guiding Emily Event

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the process of attaining a service dog, please visit 

Care to learn more about our Programs for the blind and visually impaired? You can do so HERE.