Guiding Emily book cover featuring Title and image of a Black Lab.

Join FBC and author Barbara Hinske for a special dinner and a movie event!

Barbara is the author of Guiding Emily, a heartwarming tale of a woman who loses her vision and the guide dog who helps her find her way through her new normal.

Barbara was inspired to write the story of Emily and her guide dog Garth after a visit to FBC. Barbara lived right down the street from FBC for years, but had no idea we were here. When she found out about us, she came in for a tour.

Moved by what she saw, Barbara asked us how she could help. We tell people all the time to tell our stories. Too often, those outside our community see blind and visually impaired people two-dimensionally. We are just like everyone else though. We have our own lives, careers, friends, and aspirations.

We told Barbara to tell our stories, but we had no idea how far she would take that. According to Barbara, Guiding Emily flew onto the page. It tells the story of Emily and her journey of vision loss and regaining hope in that hard time.

Guiding Emily was published in 2020, and has been followed by three more books in the series.

Now, Guiding Emily has been Made into a film!

Join FBC and Barba Hinske

Come celebrate with FBC and Barbara. Enjoy dinner, get a book signed, and see the movie with descriptive video.

The event will take place at FBC’s central campus on Saturday, September 23, from 4:00-8:00 PM.

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