Marc Ashton addresses onlookers during the Ashton Family Field Dedication.

Ashton Family Field Dedication

This morning, Foundation for Blind Children celebrated Marc Ashton by dedicating the field at our Central Campus as the Ashton Family Field. Marc is retiring at the end of June after 17 years as FBC’s CEO. It has been a long and exciting 17 years, full of challenge, growth, and success, and we are honoring Marc Ashton for his sacrifice and commitment to FBC.

Marc Ashton addresses onlookers during the Ashton Family Field Dedication.

Marc’s Legacy

Marc took over leading FBC during a challenging time, and things were only made more difficult a year later when the Great Recession shook everything up. Marc’s steady hand guided FBC through that tumultuous period, and FBC came out stronger on the other end.

Under Marc’s leadership, FBC has grown in scope as well as in scale. In 2015, we expanded our campus with a brand new, state-of-the-art building. Our school was able to grow with the addition of the new facility. Our library has grown to be the largest braille library in the country. FBC runs the largest prison braille program in the country.

Today, FBC serves more students than ever, with a higher quality of service than ever before. We change lives every day, and it has been immensely helpful to have a leader who guides, challenges, and motivates our team to do more. Marc had a vision for FBC when he came here, and he made that vision a reality.

The Ashton Family Field

As Jared Kittelson, FBC’s incoming CEO, said at the dedication, Marc didn’t want to put his name on the campus. It had to be forced upon him.

“Let me rephrase that,” Jared recounted during the dedication, “we’re going to put your name on this campus, and we’d like your input on where that would be.”

Marc chose to have the field dedicated, but he didn’t want to take all the credit. He insisted that the field be named the Ashton Family Field, to honor the involvement his family had in FBC. The Ashton family were a package deal with Marc: they were donors, volunteers, students, and board members. This field honors Marc, but it is much larger than just him.

Marc receives a hug from Jared on the stage.

Many members of the Ashton family were in attendance for today’s dedication. We are so grateful for their involvement with FBC in support of Marc, his son Max, and the whole organization.

Thank you to everyone who came to this special celebration.

Incoming CEO Jared Kittelson addresses the guests attending the Ashton Family Field dedication.
Marc Ashton addresses onlookers during the Ashton Family Field Dedication.
Marc poses with a guest during the unveiling event.

Continue the Legacy

Marc brought incomparable success to FBC. Help us continue in his footsteps and lead FBC to even greater heights.

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