From birth, the Foundation for Blind Children supports children, parents and families in the home and on-campus at FBC. Our Early Intervention Professionals identify how a child learns about the world and how their vision loss impacts early development. It is this knowledge of how a child views the world that allows for parents to create opportunities for their children to “see” and understand the world in new ways.

Everyday occurrences like “bath time” can be confusing and sometimes scary for a child with low vision or no vision. A natural response is to cry and not want to be in the bath. So, how does a parent create a fun and inviting event for their kiddo? That is where our Early Intervention Professionals come in and create immersive educational opportunities through partnerships, like our partnership with Hubbard Family Swim School.

The image above pictures Rhyanne and her mom. Before working with FBC, Rhyanne would cry and scream when water touched her hair. At Hubbard Family Swim School with FBC, she was introduced to the pool and played with a cup that had holes drilled into it, so she could feel the flow of water. In a short time, Rhyanne began to love being in the pool and the feeling of water. Her mother, in shock at the pool, headed home to recreate the same tool. To her amazement, they had the first bath in 15 months that did not end in tears.

Now, bath time is filled with smiles and laughter. It is those smiles and laughter while learning about the world that means a success story for us. Your donations and support allow for hundreds of other children to experience moments like this.