Teens with Visual Impairments Visit iFLY


It was a once in a lifetime experience


By Irene Shott-Lopez


A Teen to Work Student flying with instructor












Foundation for Blind Children took both Teen to Work and College Prep, programs for teens with visual impairments, to iFLY located in Scottsdale, Ariz. on June 17th, 2022. iFLY is an indoor skydiving facility that allows you to feel as if you were skydiving in the air. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


Getting Ready

Throughout the duration of their time in iFLY, students went through a weight check. Once qualified, they received a wristband with a time slot. The wristband determines what specific time and what group placement they will be participating in. One group at a time goes into a room and watches a safety video on how to properly position your body in the air. An instructor introduces themselves and gets the students all suited up. The body armor consisted of a thick jumpsuit, headscarf, earplugs, and a helmet. Once ready, they enter a thick wind capsule and take a seat and wait for further instruction. After, one person goes with the instructor and launches through the wind tunnel door, and lastly has the time of their lives.


Students’ Experiences

Three of our Teen to Work students had some quotes to say about their fun time starting with Olivia Guthrie. Guthrie says, “My iFLY experience was great! I liked feeling high up in the air and experiencing the weightlessness felt interesting.” Another student, Katelyn Martin says, “My iFLY experience was incredible. I will definitely be going for my birthday again!”. Third, Halley Wright expressed, “It was very fun, and gave me a big adrenaline rush.” Lastly, Aimee Pine, Teen to Work chaperone, explained how, “It was an enjoyment watching the students smile and fly high.”


Inspiring Independence

Foundation for Blind Children took both programs for teens with visual impairments, Teen to Work and College Prep, for the sole purpose of them enjoying an experience they will never forget. Talking about Teen to Work, TTW is a program that allows teens to get a glimpse of what it would look like working in their dream career by volunteering and getting a variety of social interactions with people who work in their designated field. Teen to Work persuades students to be independent and strive for their goals.