Audio Descriptions


Everyone likes watching a good movie. The world of cinema is a magical realm where storytelling unfolds through vivid visuals, compelling dialogue, and evocative soundscapes. However, for individuals with visual impairments, fully experiencing the magic of movies can be a challenge. That’s where audio descriptive movies come to the rescue. Increased access to descriptive movies has transformed the cinematic experience into an inclusive and enjoyable journey for all.


What Are Audio Descriptive Movies?


Audio descriptive movies (and TV,) also known as described video or AD, provide an additional audio track that describes the visual elements of a film or television show. These descriptions are carefully crafted to provide context, allowing individuals with visual impairments to follow the action, understand the settings, and connect with the emotions of the characters. These descriptions are often inserted during natural pauses in dialogue, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.


Enhancing Inclusivity


For individuals with visual impairments, audio description offers a chance to engage with the same stories and emotions as their sighted peers. It’s about inclusivity, ensuring that nobody is left out from the magic of storytelling on the big screen.


Immersive Experience


These descriptions don’t just convey visual information; they enhance the overall movie-watching experience. They add depth to characters, enrich the understanding of plot twists, and create a more vivid mental picture. In a sense, audio descriptions serve as a creative extension of the movie itself, enhancing the storytelling aspect.


Descriptive Video is a Growing Industry

The audio descriptive movie industry is on the rise, with more films and TV shows incorporating these tracks to cater to a broader audience. Streaming platforms and theaters are increasingly recognizing the importance of inclusivity and expanding their offerings of audio descriptive content, and we hope the trend continues.


Check out the Audio Description Project for a comprehensive list of available movies and TV shows with AD and info on where to watch them.