The month-long challenge covered thousands of miles in addition to raising thousands of dollars for the blind or visually impaired


By: Cara Martinez


Month-long March for Sight challenge raises $45,000 to benefit Foundation for Blind Children’s students and clients experiencing vision loss.

March for Sight is an annual fundraiser where participants walk, run or bike March 1-31 to support FBC. The effort was presented by Event Chair Erin Compton and sponsored by Ground Properties, Waymo and Autus Asset Management.

Adult participants were challenged to log 40 miles walking or running and 100 miles biking to receive a custom medal and event t-shirt. Twelve and under participants were challenged to log 15 miles walking or running and 25 miles biking to receive a custom medal and event t-shirt. Participants could also receive a medal and event t-shirt by fundraising $50 in the 12 and under category or $100 in the adult category.

In the adult category, the first-place runner was Mary Held with 203.8 miles, first-place walker was Cristina Mandry-Campbell with 305.6 miles and the first-place biker was Celeste Teply with a whopping 502.9 miles.

“A little healthy competition doesn’t hurt anybody”, insists Celeste. “The last day I rode 14 miles in the morning and another 47 miles in the evening so I could win,” she adds. In the kid’s category, the first-place runner was Aurora Sinclair with 18.06 miles and the first-place biker was Niana Vasui with 99.23 miles.

The top individual fundraisers were Shelli Herrell with $1,549.58, Erin Compton with $579 and Mary Jacobs with $500. “My daughter was a big part of it,” says Shelli. Her daughter, Cailee, has a visual impairment and is an FBC student. “The goal was to get out there and to raise awareness about vision loss,” says Shelli. Not only did Shelli fundraise for FBC as a proud parent, but she also spread the word about March for Sight as a fitness instructor. “I got to expose my cycle class and they experienced the whole thing. It was fun to see the whole group get involved and become more of a family to support my daughter.”

The top team fundraisers were Cailee Strong with $2,166, Run Runners with $1,681, and Team Jacobs with $1500.

On April 2, FBC hosted a March for Sight Celebration and Award Ceremony to celebrate participants’ hard work. Attendees enjoyed food and refreshments from multiple vendors including Culinary Theory, The Traveling Cup, Throne Brewing Company and Quail Distributing.

The event also celebrated the impact of the funds raised by sponsors and participants to benefit FBC. “The $45,000 raised will support our operations throughout the year”, says Director of Media and Development Jared Leslie. “This means that when someone is diagnosed, we will be there the next day to help provide services.”

Other top finishers include:
Top Individual Fundraisers
1st Place: Shelli Herrell ($1,549.58)
2nd Place: Erin Compton ($579.81)
3rd Place: Mary Jacobs ($500)

Top Team Fundraisers
1st Place: Cailee Strong ($2,166.02)
2nd Place: Fun Runners ($1,681.30)
3rd Place: Team Jacobs ($1500)

Top Total Distance
1st Place: Mary Held (203.8 miles)
2nd Place: Isai Moran (131.35 miles)
3rd Place: Jared Leslie (116.42 miles)

1st Place: Cristina Mandry-Campbell (305.64 miles)
2nd Place: Thom Puckett (173.20 miles)
3rd Place: Stacy Aeed (130.9 miles)

1st Place: Celeste Teply (502.99 miles)
2nd Place: Mike Weistling (501.24 miles)
3rd Place: Stephanie Leslie (500.15 miles)

Kids Run
1st Place: Aurora Sinclair (18.06 miles)
2nd Place: Francisco Cortez (16.36 miles)
3rd Place: Kyah Kise (15.03 miles)

Kids Bike:
1st Place: Niana Vasui (99.23 miles)
2nd Place: Taylor Vasui (97.23 miles)
3rd Place: Emilia Vasui (95.23 miles)