FBC marches for students like Patrick


Meet Patrick. He was born without eyes in a small village in India. Three days later, Patrick was abandoned at an orphanage. Fast forward to 2020, Patrick’s new parents, Bonnie and Joel, adopted and brought Patrick home to Houston. Unfortunately, they quickly realized their hometown didn’t have what Patrick needed. Enter Mary Wilson, FBC’s Family Support Counselor. When Bonnie called FBC, Mary laid out a path for Patrick to attend FBC’s preschool.

Not only was Patrick now connected to necessary services, on his first day of school he met fellow classmate Kyah. She grabbed Patrick’s hand within minutes of meeting to declare she would be his friend. While Patrick spent the entirety of his short four years of life in an orphanage then in COVID isolation, suddenly he had a friend.

As Patrick’s first day of school came to a close, Bonnie arrived at FBC to pick up her son. While anxiously waiting for Patrick, she meets Patrick’s classmates’, Kyah and Henry, moms. The trio quickly bonds as Bonnie discovers there are other moms just like her, facing the challenges of raising a blind child, and learns everything going to be alright because her, Joel and Patrick are home.

If home is where the heart is, FBC is a big heart. Our teachers, our staff and our parents all give their hearts every day. Some days our hearts are broken and some days our hearts are full of joy. Patrick’s first day of school was full of joy because Patrick was home. Thank you for making the Foundation for Blind Children a home.

It is stories like Patrick’s and his parents that remind us why FBC is here to connect students, parents and families. If you would like to support us to ensure we are always here to support families, please join us for our “March for Sight” Virtual Challenge throughout the month of March 2021. Click here to learn more: www.MarchForSight.com.