The program aims to increase inclusivity by preparing blind or visually impaired professionals for leadership roles

Ken Meeker, the Foundation for Blind Children’s Career Specialist, will join the American Foundation for the Blind’s Blind Leaders Development Program as a fellow. The 12-month program consists of a hand-selected cohort of “50% emerging leaders as Fellows and 50% established leaders to act as their Mentors” according to AFB’s website.

AFB continues, “Studies suggest that the benefits of hiring people with disabilities include improvements in profitability, competitive advantage, and inclusive work culture, to name just a few. Yet, few blind and visually impaired Americans are in top levels of leadership in the workforce. Creating the widespread systemic change AFB desires will require an even more significant presence of people with vision loss at the highest levels, which is the idea behind the AFB Blind Leaders Development Program.”

Meeker joined FBC in 2021 dedicated to empowering others to reach their full potential. He maintained a successful career in insurance until losing most of his sight in 2014 due to a severe infection. This led Meeker to join FBC, first as a student, and now as a Career Specialist within the Adult Comprehensive Program. He says, The work [at FBC] is deeply personal and rewarding. I believe anyone with the desire and will to obtain the skills necessary to work should be empowered and given every opportunity to succeed.”

FBC looks forward to Meeker’s growth as the program increases effectiveness at higher levels of leadership, influence, and responsibility while continuing to provide excellent service to FBC clients.