There’s a lot more energy at FBC now that summer is over and a new school year has begun. Last week, we welcomed back our on-campus students for another year of learning, laughter, and growth. Excitement filled the air as our teachers of the visually impaired prepared their classrooms and got ready for their students. The start of a new year brings endless possibilities, especially for our amazing students at FBC.

Here are 5 reasons to be excited about the new school year.

1. New Friends and Social Growth

A group of children are happily smiling and laughing while enjoying themselves on a swing at the FBC gym.

Sure, learning braille and how to navigate using a cane is fun, but we know the real reason our kids are happy to be back is their friends. School is a great place for children to learn how to be their best selves, and learning how to socialize and to be confident in themselves is a huge part of that. Our teachers provide fun ways of getting their students to interact in order to build those skills,

2. Engaging Learning Opportunities

A young student confidently uses a marker to create their artwork.

Our students often have to learn in different ways, but our teachers are amazing in everything they do. Students may have to learn how to write in braille rather than with a pencil. They have to feel their shapes. Teachers use different textures, sounds, songs, and tactile elements to help their students understand the world.

3. Creative Play and Discovery

Two young students joyfully play and laugh while engaging with musical instruments.

Play-based learning is an important part of any preschool classroom, but for blind students, it can be even more vital. Learning to be creative and curious can help our students be more confident in themselves and in how they react with the world around them. Games, sports, and physical activity all can serve as learning opportunities while fostering a love of learning.

4. Puppies!

A service dog affectionately licks the hand of a young student during therapy session with Pawsitive Friendships.

With the new school year comes new pet therapy sessions! We love when our furry friends from Pawsitive Friendships come to FBC. They help students develop self-esteem, build social skills, and work on their mobility. And who doesn’t love getting to watch the dogs interact with the kids?

5. Milestones

One student acts as a guide while explaining and demonstrating the use of an assistive technology tool to another student.

Every student at FBC has their own path, but our teachers make sure they all have everything they need to be successful. Whether a student is learning to write their name, or they are learning how to sit up for the first time, their goals are important. Every child has a whole support team working to get them to reach their full potential.

At FBC, we constantly make things happen that were once thought impossible. We see that in our classrooms, where our teachers and students work miracles every day.

If you want to help us achieve the impossible, learn how you can become a Teacher of the Visually Impaired, or support FBC and help provide the tools that make these miracles happen.