See It Our Way Podcast

Conversations about vision loss from voices without sight

Welcome to See It Our Way, a student-run podcast from The Foundation For Blind Children’s Adult Services comprehensive program, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our goal is for listeners to see it our way, and learn about journeys through life with low vision and blindness. This podcast hopes to raise awareness, and help listeners understand how we go about our daily lives, during and after vision loss. You will hear stories of hope and perseverance, creating a conversation about how life with vision loss is not worse, just different.

FBC’s Adult Comprehensive Program maximizes one’s ability to live independently, and either retain employment or get back to work. FBC provides services for clients who are blind or visually impaired, and are on a pathway to higher education, returning to work, or gaining employment for the first time. The program offers various classes, including assistive technology, braille, job readiness, orientation and mobility, activities of daily living, and adjustment to vision loss.

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Published on August 27, 2021
FBC Adult Comprehensive students Kelly, Athena, Jim sit down with Phil Pangrazio, former CEO at Ability360. Phil shares his journey to Ability360, which started with his time on the organizations board. The team learns how to individuals can sign-up for services with Ability360 and also about the numerous services including homecare, home modifications, sports and fitness, life transitions, social recreation, advocacy and peer support.