• College Prep

    FBC’s College Prep Program is a six-week residential program held on the ASU Tempe campus. It’s all about learning what to expect in college; whether you plan to go to community college or a university, there’s a lot to learn!

    What are your plans after high school graduation?

    Thinking of going to college?

    Do you know what’s required to take the next big step in your life?

    Every college student needs to learn “how to college”—how to do the administrative tasks necessary to be successful. From your FAFSA to academic advising to planning and calendaring your workload, you’ll learn how to pull it all together.

    As a student who’s blind or visually impaired, you have an extra “layer” of things you’ll need to learn in order to be successful. This layer includes things like assistive technology, orientation and mobility, and daily-living skills. It also includes self-advocacy. In high school, you had a team of people who made sure that your accommodations were in place. In college, you’ll build and lead that team. We’re here to help you learn how to do that.

    By the way, College Prep isn’t all work! Our program includes lots of great recreational activities to keep you moving and motivated!

    Program participants will learn:

    • How to establish relationships with campus Disability Resource Centers
    • How to obtain course materials in accessible formats
    • How to complete the FAFSA, and apply for scholarships and grants
    • Independent living skills such as cooking and cleaning
    • Navigate the ASU campus, and use Light Rail and other public transportation
    • How to be a successful college student!
    • Upon acceptance to the program, each individual may receive a low vision exam along with recommendations for equipment
    • Training, including orientation & mobility, daily-living skills, and assistive technology
    • Each participant will receive an assistive technology assessment and will be provided any assistive technology recommended and approved by their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, to use during the program. Upon successful completion of the program, all equipment will be loaned to you for use at school or work.


    The College Prep Program is funded by Rehabilitation Services Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation Program.  With a referral to the program by your VR counselor, you can attend FREE of charge.  All activities and supplies will be provided.  You may bring additional spending money for shopping or personal items.


    If you are interested in the College Prep Program, ask your VR counselor for assistance.

    For more information please contact:

    Spencer Churchill | Transition Services Manager
    P: 602-337-8253 | E: schurchill@seeitourway.org