• Teen-to-work

    As our students reach high school age, they are eligible to participate in our Teen-to-Work summer program.  This six week program is a residential program on the campus of ASU that prepares participants for their first experience in the job market.  Participants will prepare resumes, participate in job interviews and have the opportunity to intern or job shadow in a career field that interests them.  For many, this is their first opportunity to live away from their family and learn the true meaning of being independent including planning and preparing meals, doing laundry, arranging transportation and budgeting their money.

    What are your plans after high school graduation?

    Thinking about getting a job?

    What’s the next big step in your life?

    Teen-to-Work is a six (6) week residential program where students will live in dorms on the Arizona State University campus, learning what jobs match their abilities and interests, and how to get a job. Students will gain real life experience in working and living on your own. On evenings and weekends a number of social and recreational activities are planned to keep you moving and having fun!

    • Write resumes and explore job options.
    • Learn how to apply for a job and prepare for a job interview.
    • Gain job experience with a paid internship
    • Explore independent living skills such as cooking and cleaning.
    • Navigate ASU’s campus, use of light rail & public transportation.
    • Participate in recreational opportunities like camping, goalball, beep baseball, challenge courses, water-skiing, self defense, rafting and more!
    • A low vision exam along with recommendations for equipment.
    • Training in orientation & mobility, daily living skills & career education.
    • An assistive technology assessment and the use of recommended and approved technology during the program. Upon successful completion of the program, all equipment can go home to be used at school, home or work.

    If you are interested in the Teen-to-Work program ask your VR counselor for assistance.

    Dates & Location
    June through July – TBD
    Arizona State University – Main Campus

    The Teen-to-Work program is funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation Program. With a referral to the program by your VR counselor, you can attend FREE of charge. All activities and supplies will be provided. You may bring additional spending money for shopping or personal items.

    For more information please contact:

    Spencer Churchill | Transition Services Manager
    P: 602-337-8253 | E: schurchill@seeitourway.org
    CODY ALVAREZ | Youth & Family Services Manager
    P: 602-678-5817 | E: CALVAREZ@seeitourway.org