Family Services brings families together to share ideas, provide encouragement, instill confidence and provide resources to help parents of blind and visually impaired children play a role in their child’s future development. We believe that parents are not only a child’s first teacher, but also their first advocate.The child's parents need the opportunity to: 

  1. express and understand their feelings about having a child with special needs;

  2. develop a network of support for times of stress and uncertainty;

  3. understand how loss of vision affects their child's early development; and,

  4. learn how they, as parents, can most effectively teach their child to see the world.

    FBC offers ongoing family group that address the many challenges that come with parenting and raising a child with a visual impairment. Monthly family activities are also coordinated to provide fun and support to the entire family.

You are Not Alone.

As a parent or caregiver of someone with vision impairment, there are many life & daily challenges to face. Invite FBC to travel this journey with you & create opportunities for success and new levels of achievement.

Services Provided

  • Home visit within 24 hrs of initial call to FBC Crisis & adjustment counseling
  • Family recreation opportunities
  • Family conferences & workshops addressing vision issues
  • Weekly family support groups
  • Opportunities to meet & interact with qualified staff in the vision field
  • Opportunities to meet families coping with the same issues & concerns
  • Opportunities for playdates