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    The FBC Internship

    The Foundation for Blind Children Internship is a premier opportunity for students completing their education as Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Orientation & Mobility Specialists, and Vision Rehabilitation Therapists.  While at FBC, interns will have the opportunity to work with participants across all of our programs ranging from birth to adults.

    About FBC

    The Foundation for Blind Children was founded in 1952 by parents of blind children who wanted services for their blind children in Phoenix, instead of having to send them to the State Institution for the Blind in Tucson.

    The Foundation for Blind Children serves the blind and visually impaired of all ages, from birth to currently 102 years old. As the only agency of its kind in Arizona, the Foundation for Blind Children is an essential resource to families and children with blindness or low vision.

    We strive to serve as “the” community’s resource for blind, visually impaired, and multi-handicapped children, adults, and their families.

    Our Mission

    To provide education, tools and services that enable all persons with vision loss to achieve greater independence.

    Why FBC

    We have been serving the community in Arizona for 66 years.

    • Starting as a group of parents of visually impaired children to a Foundation of 100+ employees with many diverse programs.

    We offer a wide variety of internship experiences.

    • You have the opportunity to work alongside other TVI’s, O&M’s, Classroom Teachers, OT’s, PT’s, SLP’s, Paras, and Educational Leadership. In addition, you will be welcomed into a community of professionals who want to see you succeed.

    We are committed to supporting a new generation of teachers.

    • FBC is partnering with Arizona State University to start the first undergraduate degree in Special Education and Teachers of the Visually Impaired.

    We encourage our students and staff to defy the odds and push outside of their comfort zones through our nationally know Challenge Events.

    • Mt. Kilimingaro, Swim to Alcatraz, Warrior Dash, White Water Raft the Colorado River, Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hike, and Sail the Spanish Virgin Islands.

    We extend beyond our campus and are part of our community.

    • Our itinerate team works with over 44 district and charter schools in the Phoenix Metro Area.

    Free Housing!

    • Lodging is provided at our “Eye Pad”, a two-story home located 0.7 mile from FBC, a 14 minute walk!

    Applying for the FBC Internship Program

    FBC seeks outstanding applicants who share a commitment to teaching individuals who are blind or visually impaired. FBC is committed to diversity and inclusion. We encourage applications from talented individuals of all races, cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender expressions.

    The following information will assist you in the application process.


    FBC opens up internships on a trimester basis.  Timing for internship submissions and selection are as follows:

    • Fall—Application period is March 1st – April 1st. Selection will be complete by May 1st.
    • Spring—Application period is October 1st — October 31st.   Selection will be complete by November 25th.
    • Summer—Applications period January 1st – February 1st. Selections will be complete by March 1st

    Interested interns should email the following items to: internship@seeitourway.org 

    • Resume
    • Letter/e-mail of university faculty support
    • Letter of interest
    • Official transcripts

    What happens once applications are submitted?

    Once we have received the above items, our internship committee will review candidate portfolios and recommend candidates for the interview process to the Directors of Education Services and Adult Programs. 

    Interviews (phone or in person) will be initiated by the area Directors and awards will be communicated in the time frames noted above.

    Upon completion of the internship, participants will have the opportunity to apply for full time positions at the Foundation for Blind Children.

    Please understand that placement of an internship at the Foundation for Blind Children is not guaranteed.


    Internship FAQs:

    Question: Who should I contact for questions about the FBC internship program?  

    Answer: Please email internships@seeitourway.org

    Question: Who is eligible for an FBC internship?


    Orientation and Mobility Instructors (COMS) Intern: Current enrollment in the final semester of an accredited master’s program.

    Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI) Intern:  Current enrollment in the final semester of an accredited bachelor’s or master’s program.

    Vision Rehabilitation Teachers (VRT) Intern: Current enrollment in the final semester of an accredited bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate program in rehabilitation teaching, vision rehabilitation therapy, teacher of the visually impaired, or education with a concentration in visual impairment.

    Question:  Are internships at FBC paid?

    Answer: Internships are unpaid, however off campus housing is provided. 

    Question: Is any additional training required for the internship?

    Answer: CPR and First Aid certifications

    Question: Where will I stay?

    Answer: Lodging is provided at our “Eye Pad”, a two-story home located 0.7 mile or a 14 minute walk from the FBC Central campus.

    Question: What is the Eye Pad?

    Answer: A house full of amazing individuals from all across the country who are participating in the FBC Internship Program.

    Question:  Are there planned weekend activities?

    Answer: Yes.  Depending on the interests of the housemates we can visit the Grand Canyon, take day trips to Jerome, Prescott, hiked many trails and mountains around Phoenix, attend D-Backs game, visit the Phoenix Zoo and so much more.

    Question: What do I need to bring? 

    Answer: Clothing, personal items, laptop, money for food, entertainment or travel.  You can bring your car or bike to navigate the city or use the Valley Metro bus and light-rail system.

    Question: What is the weather like in Phoenix?

    Answer: Phoenix has two seasons, hot and not hot.  Average highs: Spring and Fall 85 degrees, Summer 105 degrees and Winter 68 degrees.

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