Graphic promoting FBC's 2024 Stride for Sight Event

“I can do it!”

Can you imagine yourself running a 5k without sight? For FBC student Cattleya, there was no question if it was possible. Her favorite thing to say is “I can do it.” 

Do you think you can do it? At the Foundation for Blind Children’s 13th annual Stride for Sight on March 16, you can try walking in Cattleya’s footsteps and participate in the Blindfold Challenge.  

Participants of FBCs 2023 Stride for Sight

Cattleya’s Story 

Cattleya is totally blind, but she doesn’t let that stop her from doing whatever she wants. Now in third grade, she shows incredible determination in everything she does. Whether that is learning multiplication families, getting on stage to sing a solo in front of her whole school, or learning to run with a guide, Cattleya first says that she can do it, and then she does it.  

At school, Cattleya is supported by Claire, her teacher of the visually impaired. Claire plays a huge role in helping her students succeed in the classroom, but she also goes above and beyond. Claire helped spark Cattleya’s passion for exercise by guiding her on runs at school events and FBC’s Stride for Sight. In the last year, Cattleya completed her first 5k and came in first place in her school’s Turkey Trot.  

The Blindfold Challenge 

At Stride for Sight, participants can run in the 5k race or do the 1-mile relaxed walk. They also have the option to do either event blindfolded with a guide. Running in the Blindfold Challenge is a fantastic way of experiencing how FBC students navigate the world.  

Recruit a partner and give blindfolded running a shot. Cattleya usually holds on to a tether to follow behind her guide, but she has also followed the sound of shakers and bells. At Stride for Sight, runners can do the whole race blindfolded, or they can switch halfway through, so the guide can become the guided.  

Guided Run

Pictured above, a couple give the Blindfold Challenge a try. A sighted-guide leads a blindfolded runner by staying just a pace ahead and “tethered” together by each person holding opposite ends of PVC pipe.

2023 Stride for Sight Participant Medals

Winners Announced!

All participants of FBC’s Stride for Sight receive a medal, pictured, for their efforts and support.

Participants of FBCs 2023 Stride for Sight and the Blindfold challenge

Blindfold Challenge

Two women are pictured as they begin the blindfold challenge.

More on running.

When preparing this story, we came across some information we just had to share:

“United In Stride is a tool for uniting visually impaired walkers and runners of all levels with guides. Our mission is to support the blind and visually impaired community in realizing their fitness goals.”

We encourage you to check out United In Stride’s website. You may find your next running partner and race!

United In Stride

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