• Arizona Instructional Resource Center (AIRC)

    Designated by the Arizona Department of Education, the Arizona Instructional Resource Center (AIRC) is the state media center and library for all students in the State of Arizona who are blind or have a visual impairment.


    The AIRC provides adapted materials to its student clientele to help facilitate learning in the classroom, whether it be braille or large print text- and workbooks, recreational reading materials, or other adapted instructional materials and equipment, such as maps, rulers, games, braille writers, special paper, to name a few. Every effort is made to serve each student with the materials he may need in the classroom, in mainstreamed or other instructional settings. There is an annual library service fee per student for textbook provision, billed to the student’s school district. One set of equipment per student is provided at
    no cost to the district.

    The AIRC is very committed to its community care projects, in which it provides braille courses to inmates of several state prisons, and, in return, receives assistance with its braille production. In 1995, the AIRC implemented a Perkins Brailler Repair Service which is run in cooperation with a very committed group of inmates in the Douglas, AZ men’s prison, and which now accepts orders nationwide. The mutual support is beneficial to both the AIRC and the inmates, who are appreciative of a new chance to prove themselves as productive citizens.  Braille classes for individuals are also available upon contact.

    A custom transcription service for students with visual impairments in grades K-12 that provides quick turnaround Braille conversion of quizzes, worksheets, tests, handouts, articles, newsletters, forms and PowerPoint presentations.


    • 48-hour transcription turnaround time (up to 10 pages).
    • Use of experienced, certified Braille transcribers.
    • State-of-the-art electronic Braille embosser provided for output.
    • Students have equal access to classroom educational materials in the same timeframe as sighted peers.


    The annual Registration of Arizona Blind/Vision Impaired Students for Federal Quota and the Arizona Department of Education is conducted by the Arizona Instructional Resource Center (AIRC) at Foundation for Blind Children. Each school year, educational institutions are asked to register their students who qualify as blind/low vision/vision impaired. Special Education Directors, Certified Teachers of Visually Impaired or other qualified staff are asked to fill in this form for every student being reported as blind/low vision/vision impaired in your district, charter school or agency. If you have more than 50 students to register, and would like to submit your list in Excel format, please contact us. Make sure to fill in all required fields. 

    Click here to register.

    For more information please contact:

    BRIAN VOELLER | Director of Media OPERATIONS
    P: 602-337-8225 | E: BVOELLER@seeitourway.org