Portrait of Niraj Parikh.

Niraj Parikh

CATT Program Manager • Center for Assistive Technology Training

With more than two decades of experience in Assistive Technology, Niraj Parikh, Program Coordinator for CATT, possesses a comprehensive background. Holding a Master’s in Assistive Technology and Human Services from CSUN, along with a Bachelor’s in Global Business and MIS, his expertise is well-rounded. Niraj’s career began as an Assistive Technology Specialist, collaborating with institutions and non-profits across multiple states, including California, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona. His dedication led to the founding of Kratu, Inc. In his current role, Niraj oversees CATT, which focuses on empowering educators, professionals, and parents of visually impaired children through a “train the trainer” approach, ensuring widespread expertise in Assistive Technology.

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