• Challenge Events

    FBC believes in challenging people with vision loss to achieve feats they, and the world, thought impossible. Challenge events accomplish this by giving students opportunities of a lifetime. Previous events include swimming Alcatraz, hiking Mt. Kilamanjaro, sailing the Caribbean, hiking the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado River and flying across the United States.

    Each event requires demanding training for months to prepare. The effort is worth it when participants commit to push their limits and change their lives forever.

    Current Challenge Event

    In October of 2022, FBC will officially take to the skies! To celebrate World Sight Day, Kaiya Armstrong, a blind 21-year-old from Phoenix, will fly from Phoenix, AZ to Washington, DC. This will be accomplished through extensive ground school and in-air flight training throughout 2022. 

    Kaiya Flies an Aircraft for the First Time

    Kaiya piloted a small aircraft for the first time in her life. In the video above, Kaiya is in the pilot’s seat expertly flying the plane beside a certified flight instructor. Since this experience, Kaiya has had multiple in-air training sessions on top of her ground school training sessions hosted at Foundation for Blind Children’s Central campus.

    Kaiya Tours Deer Valley Airport's Control Tour

    Kaiya toured Deer Valley Airport’s Air Control Tower. The opportunity gave Kaiya a chance to better understand the the process of air traffic. As well as, a visual of who’s on the other end of the radio during in flight training opportunities. 

    Past Challenge Events