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    FBC believes in challenging people with vision loss to achieve feats they, and the world, thought impossible. Challenge Events accomplish this by giving students opportunities of a lifetime. Previous events include swimming Alcatraz, hiking Mt. Kilamanjaro, sailing the Caribbean, hiking the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado River and flying across the United States.

    Each event requires demanding training for months to prepare. The effort is worth it when participants commit to push their limits and change their lives forever.

    Flight for Sight

    Latest Challenge Event

    In October 2022, Kaiya Armstrong, a blind 21-year-old, independently flew a plane, a small Cessna aircraft, without vision from Phoenix, Ariz. to Washington D.C. stopping in New Mexico, Kansas and Kentucky along the way.

    This feat garnered local, national and international attention. Kaiya’s story was shared in 22 publications outside of Arizona including the front page of the Washington Post. In that article, Kaiya lamented, “It’s just so interesting what you can see, when you can’t see.”

    Kaiya's Journey

    Past Challenge Events