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    In October of 2022, FBC will officially take to the skies! To celebrate World Sight Day, Kaiya Armstrong, a blind 21-year-old from Phoenix, will fly a plane without vision from Phoenix, AZ to Washington, DC. This Challenge Event will be accomplished through extensive ground school and in-air flight training throughout 2022. 

    FBC believes in challenging people with vision loss to achieve feats they, and the world, thought impossible. Challenge Events accomplish this by giving students opportunities of a lifetime. Previous events include swimming Alcatraz, hiking Mt. Kilamanjaro, sailing the Caribbean, hiking the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado River and flying across the United States.

    Each event requires demanding training for months to prepare. The effort is worth it when participants commit to push their limits and change their lives forever.

    When and where is Kaiya's Journey?

    Kaiya’s journey across the United States from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington D.C. will begin on October 7th, 2022 and end in Washington D.C. on October 13th, 2022 for World Sight day. Kaiya’s flight path will take her from Scottsdale, AZ (Scottsdale Airport) on October 7th to Colorado Springs, CO (Colorado Springs Airport) on that same day. She will then leave from Colorado Springs on the morning of October 8th to Kansas City, MO (Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport). She will then take off on the morning of October 10th to Louisville, KY (Bowman Field Airport). Then lastly on October 13th Kaiya and her Co-Pilot, Tyler Sinclair will begin the last leg of her journey to then land in Washington D.C. (College Park Airport). The Flight for Sight Team has built in days for adverse weather if that were to be an issue, as you can see it is baked into the overall timeline. 

    How can you follow Kaiya as she flies?

    When Kaiya takes off from Arizona you can follow her journey each day on Flight Radar 24. This is a live air traffic control tracking site. Kaiya’s tail number will be shared on October 7th the day she takes off. 

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