Since 2013, Teena Tabor has generously supported FBC in so many ways. She has seen the impact of what a day of volunteering, or a contribution can make to a student’s life. And literacy through play was her next transformational gift. Eighteen panels of gorgeous handmade tactile glass multi-colored tiles now line our adaptive playground. Teena says, “I love working with glass and I love FBC. I mean, it’s just that simple”.

This labor of love gave Teena’s glass-making hobby a new purpose. She collaborated with the Delta Gamma Phoenix Alumnae Chapter as well as Arizona State University Delta Gamma members. The group of volunteers worked diligently to ensure the images were perfect and included braille. The entire project, from conception to installation, took nearly a year and about 600 documented hours, not including hours of kiln time, to complete. After installation, Teena says, “I walked off of the playground saying we need another project.”

When Teena walk off the playground, our students walked on and they were met with images to inspire their dreams. They could meet an astronaut or an alien on the space panel, or they could learn about creatures of the sea on the ocean panel. All of this was just at the ends of their fingers. Due to COVID-19, not all students and teachers have been able to incorporate the tiles in their lessons but, those that have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. “We look forward to the day when all the kids can experience the new playground”, says Teena.

It’s donors and volunteers like Teena that allow for the transformational work here at FBC to continue day in and day out. Find out how you can support by reaching out to us through our website or any of our social media channels.