Al McCoy:  A Legend’s Impact on A Blind Sports Fan

Al McCoy:  A Legend’s Impact on A Blind Sports Fan Story by Max Ashton Last night, legendary Phoenix Suns radio broadcaster Al McCoy called his final game, retiring after a long and beloved career. I grew up listening to him on the radio, as did many others—he was the voice of the Suns for 51 […]

Accessible COVID-19 Safety Measures

Dorianne Pollack in a blue and white striped shirt sits beside her black guide dog Dime

How businesses and individuals can support community members with low vision   “The texture of my world has gone away”, says Dorianne Pollack describing her experience as a blind person living in a virtual world behind a flat screen and keyboard. While COVID-19 has disconnected most people from their “normal” routine, Pollack says the blind […]

FBC Optometrist Gives 12-year-old the Gift of Sight

Dr. Smith Gray and Victor stand in front of the fountain outside of the Foundation for Blind Children in Phoenix

For the first time in 12 years, Victor could see   Vision loss can occur at all ages. Unfortunately young patients, like FBC client Victor, often struggle to communicate the changes in vision they may experience to their parents. Still, for Victor’s mother Sofia, she was determined to find the source of her son’s pain […]

Why do we March for Sight?

Bonnie and Joel hold their son Patrick

FBC marches for students like Patrick   Meet Patrick. He was born without eyes in a small village in India. Three days later, Patrick was abandoned at an orphanage. Fast forward to 2020, Patrick’s new parents, Bonnie and Joel, adopted and brought Patrick home to Houston. Unfortunately, they quickly realized their hometown didn’t have what […]

Hubbard Family Swim School Transforms FBC Families’ Daily Challenges

Rhyanne and her mom play with toys in the pool at Hubbard Family Swim School

From birth, the Foundation for Blind Children supports children, parents and families in the home and on-campus at FBC. Our Early Intervention Professionals identify how a child learns about the world and how their vision loss impacts early development. It is this knowledge of how a child views the world that allows for parents to […]

Longtime Supporter Teena Tabor Donates Tactile Glass Mural

Teena Tabor sits next to one panel of the tactile glass mural she created

Since 2013, Teena Tabor has generously supported FBC in so many ways. She has seen the impact of what a day of volunteering, or a contribution can make to a student’s life. And literacy through play was her next transformational gift. Eighteen panels of gorgeous handmade tactile glass multi-colored tiles now line our adaptive playground. […]

Accessible Holiday Activities for Families

Young girl with pink glasses and Minnie Mouse pajamas decorated multi colored mini Christmas tree

The holidays are all about making memories and spending time with family. A question we get often is, “How do I include my child with visual impairments?” We’ve put together a list of our favorite activities that you can do with your little one. Holiday Sensory Boxes- These are boxes that include holiday items that […]

Valley foundation for blind children receives ‘Braille Brick’ Legos

The Foundation for Blind Children, which serves the blind and visually impaired from birth to 102-year-olds, is an agency in Arizona that is enjoying a unique opportunity to educate its students.   From FOX 10 Phoenix, September 2019   The Foundation for Blind Children, which serves the blind and visually impaired from birth to 102-year-olds, […]