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Tax Dollars at Work

Want to make an impact with your tax dollars? You can choose where to send your tax dollars when you use the Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit. This tax credit lets you donate to a qualified nonprofit like FBC and get all your money back when you file your taxes. Individuals can get a credit up to $421 and couples filing jointly can give up to $841. All you need to do is give to FBC, claim the credit when you file your taxes, and wait for your money to come back to you in your tax return.

Giving to FBC using the tax credit is a great deal: a total win-win! You can empower the visually impaired community of Arizona without having to feel it in your wallet.

Remember, this is not a deduction; it’s a 100% tax credit. That means you aren’t just lowering your taxable income; you’re getting your money all back!

How the Tax Credit Helps

FBC supports over 2,000 Arizonans of all ages. We are the first call a parent makes when they find out their newborn child is visually impaired, and we are the people that teach seniors how to live independently after losing their vision later in life.

Our goal is to get people who are visually impaired to reach their full potential. Whether that is teaching a preschooler how to read using braille, getting a teen into their first job, or teaching an adult how to make pasta without sight, FBC is there to be that resource.

Your gift helps us help our students. We wouldn’t be able to serve so many people without the generosity of people in the community, and the tax credit is a perfect way to show your support.

How the Tax Credit Works

Claiming the Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit is super easy.

Step 1: Give a gift to FBC up to $421 for individuals or up to $841 for couples filing jointly.

Step 2: Claim the Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit by using AZ Form 321 or filling out the relevant section in your tax preparation software.

Step 3: Wait for your money to come back to you in your tax return!

It’s as easy as that!

Give a Gift and Get it Back.

Donate to FBC using the button below and make your impact on the lives of FBC’s students.

Learn about ways to give and donate to FBC.Learn about ways to give and donate to FBC.