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The Blind and Low-Vision Community’s Essential Resource

FBC was founded in 1952 by parents who didn’t want to send their blind children to the State Institution for the Blind in Tucson, which was the only option at the time. From those initial four families, FBC has grown to now serve over 2,000 blind, visually impaired, and multiple disabled clients of all ages, from birth to over 100 years old. As the only agency of its kind in Arizona, FBC serves as the essential resource to the blind and low-vision community.

Our mission is to provide education, tools, and services that enable all persons with vision loss to achieve greater independence. Beginning with our Early Intervention Program for infants and their parents, we support students as they grow into our preschool, and then provide Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Assistive Technology, and Braille Books to students as they join their local schools. Our Adaptive Sports and Recreation, Teen-to-Work, and College Prep Programs give kids the life skills and confidence they need to be successful. Adults who lose their vision later in life can come to us to learn how to adapt and receive training in everything from how to cook without sight to how Assistive Technology will keep them thriving in the workforce.

At FBC, we believe that vision loss is not a barrier; it’s just something that requires a different way of doing things. Our students have climbed the tallest mountain in Africa, swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco, and rafted through the rapids of the Grand Canyon. They have played varsity football, started businesses, and have even flown airplanes. FBC graduates are engineers, doctors, and teachers. We don’t ask what can’t blind people do; we prove what they can do.

Image of three children on a large swing in the FBC gym.

Our School for the Visually Impaired

FBC has the largest Preschool for Visually Impaired students in the country. Serving students at all levels of need, we teach our students how to learn using adaptive methods, so they can be ready for the transition to kindergarten. Specialized teachers, councilors, and therapists teach our students how to relate to the world, how to move in the world, and how to understand the world around them. We also have a small K-4th Grade school for students who are either not quite ready to move to public school or whose local districts lack the resources to help them.

Our goal is to get our students back into their local public schools, but our support does not stop when they leave our campus. FBC provides Itinerant Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Assistive Technology, and Braille on Demand services to students around Arizona. Additionally, students and teachers have access to FBC’s Library of Braille and Large-Print books—the largest of its kind in the country.

Our Programs for the Blind & Visually Impaired

FBC’s programs help people of all ages with a vision loss diagnosis. Our Early Intervention program provides parents of a blind infant the counseling and training necessary to raise a blind child. FBC staff teach parents how to teach their infant, so they can help their child learn by seeing the world in a different way.

When the kid grows up a little, they can join FBC’s SHARP program, where they will engage in adaptive sports and recreational activities to develop hobbies, skills, friends, and confidence. SHARP activities have included rock climbing, ice skating, cooking classes, and art projects, among many more. Older students can participate in the Teen-to-Work, College Prep, SOAR, and Trailblazers programs to gain the skills and experience necessary to go to college and go to work.

Adults who lose their vision later in life can join our Adult Comprehensive program, where they will learn how to adapt and continue living independently. The program trains students in things needed for daily living such as cooking, cleaning, and orientation and mobility. It also helps them develop the skills needed to retain or gain a job, including how to read braille, how to use assistive technology, and how to adapt a job to their needs.

Blind & Visually Impaired Services & Resources

FBC extends its support throughout the community in numerous ways. Below you will find just a few our of Services & Resources:

  • Need help maximizing your usable vision? Make an appointment at our Low Vision Clinic, where our specialized Optometrist will assess your vision and help you get the tools that will benefit you the most.
  • The Southwest Center for Assistive Technology Training provides access to assistive technology and training for students, parents, and teachers.
  • Learn about what a Teacher of the Visually Impaired does and how to become one.
  • Our Braille Library is the largest in the country, providing tens of thousands of braille and large-print books to people throughout the country.
  • Thinking of going to college? Take advantage of our Educational Support Services to help you navigate the process.
  • Our ever-growing collection of Webinars, on a variety of topics, is a great place to learn catch up on everything from the latest in technology to recent events.

FBC Events for the Visually Impaired

FBC host events throughout the year. From our Stride for Sight to Music Therapy. Although many of these events are for our families, many are community-centered and we would be more than happy to see you join in. Sign Up Here and we will send you information on upcoming events. In the meantime, below are some of our latest events.

White Cane Walk

Join FBC for Our Annual White Cane Walk and Help Promote Safety for Everyone! In Honor of White Cane Safety Day, FBC is hosting our annual White Cane Walk. Join [...]

Guiding Emily at FBC

Join FBC and author Barbara Hinske for a special dinner and a movie event! Barbara is the author of Guiding Emily, a heartwarming tale of a woman who loses her [...]

Guide Dog Month

September is Guide Dog Month Foundation for Blind Children is celebrating and showing pride for National Guide Dog Month this September. We are extending out our hands to [...]

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