For the first time in 12 years, Victor could see


Vision loss can occur at all ages. Unfortunately young patients, like FBC client Victor, often struggle to communicate the changes in vision they may experience to their parents. Still, for Victor’s mother Sofia, she was determined to find the source of her son’s pain and discomfort.

Victor and Sofia visited doctor after doctor. Every time, they left empty-handed with no diagnosis. By this time Victor was 12-years-old and Sofia was desperate to find a solution. Feeling helpless and without options, she called the police. Finally, that call to the police provided Sofia with tools to find a doctor and receive a diagnosis.

Turns out, young Victor was suffering from a brain tumor that affected his optic nerves. An operation was completed as soon as possible. Victor quickly felt the relief of the tumor’s removal but still was experiencing vision loss. That is when Sofia and Victor were introduced to the Foundation for Blind Children and our Optometrist Dr. Andrea Smith-Gray.

In one visit, Dr. Smith-Gray was able to provide Victor with tools to harness his remaining vision. Suddenly, Victor in his shy demeanor pulled his cap over his eyes and said he could read the chart held in front of him. Sofia’s years of advocating for her son had paid off. For the first time in 12 years, Victor could see.

A week later Victor and his mother came back to collect his very own monocular. This device would allow Victor to see the world. Victor scooped up the new tool and began reading every document he could on the reception desk at the entrance of the Foundation for Blind Children. Then something special happened, Victor looked out the entrance of FBC and rushed outside to see the beautiful mountains that surround FBC.

Donors, volunteers and advocates of FBC allow special moments like a child seeing nature for the first time to occur. Because of you, the Foundation for Blind Children will always be there for the Victor’s of the world.

Victor uses monocular to see mountains outside of the Foundation for Blind Children in Phoenix