The Phoenix area is one of the main testing areas for the new technology. However, many people are still very hesitant to take their hands off the wheel and let the wheel take over for them.

That is why Waymo has sparked a new education initiative that is starting right here in Arizona. But, they are trying to focus on people who should not normally be in the driver’s seat.

The “Let’s Talk About Self-Driving” campaign is the world’s first public education campaign on self-driving cars and it is aimed at helping showcase what this technology could do for people, for example, with a disability, by collaborating with national organizations.

One of those is the Foundation for the Blind in Phoenix near 24th Street and Northern Avenue. ABC15 caught up with CEO Marc Ashton who has one blind son himself.

He said transportation is exactly what his employees need to feel normal.

“In Arizona, we’ve done really well with the blind community,” Ashton explained. “Rest of the world, it’s 70 percent unemployment for adults. Here, it’s 5 percent and the last step for full employment is transportation.”

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