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    Four Major Objectives

    1. Provide a learning environment that fosters independence and maximizes the students’ potential in order to achieve a smooth transition upon returning to their neighborhood school.
    2. Facilitate education expectations to parents and caregivers to promote equal growth and learning at home and school.
    3. A team model of various appropriate disciplines address the whole child in planning and implementing each child’s educational program.
    4. Provide individualized attention from a teacher of the visually impaired to address each child’s learning within the core curriculum and the expanded core curriculum.

    Keys to Success

    • We believe any child can learn.
    • Allow student to staff (1:2) ratio and small class size.
    • The classroom teacher is a teacher of the visually impaired so that the development of skills is addressed throughout the daily routine as well as monitoring the child’s functional use of vision.
    • A longer than typical school day offers intensity of instruction that includes repeated opportunities, balance of activity and therapeutic services.
    • Unique auxiliary services are provided in the program to all children including pet therapy, music therapy, and gymnastics to facilitate body awareness, communication skills, social skills and sensory processing skills.
    • Therapy staff offer the expertise of their discipline yet also become knowledgeable on the unique challenges associated with vision loss.
    • We value a partnership with the child’s family.
    • A collaborative effort is maintained with community agencies, public school districts and other appropriate resources.

    For more information please contact:

    Mary Wilson – Family Support Counselor
    P: 602-678-5807 | E: mwilson@seeitourway.org

    See It Our Way

    We’re creating a world where

    We’re creating a world where vision loss is a diagnosis, not a disability.


    Pre-School, Grade K-4,
    Adult Comprehensive Program

    Moyes Building
    1234 E Northern Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85020
    (Main Entrance 13th St. & Northern Ave.)

    (602) 331-1470


    Floye Steele Center
    2005 N 91st Place
    Chandler, AZ 85224

    (602) 331-1470


    Swift Campus
    2430 S 75th Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85043

    (602) 331-1470

    Thank you to our amazing sponsor:
    Valley of the Sun United Way