• K-4th Grade

    Our mission for the Elementary Education program is to provide specialized instruction that allows children with visual disabilities, including those with additional disabilities, to develop pre-academic and academic skills that will facilitate a transition to a more competitive environment with participation to the fullest extent possible.

    The program is also for those students who are not quite ready for public school. The option to place a child in Elementary Ed is determined by the needs of the child and the appropriate available programs within the child’s district. Some Elementary Ed students come for only a year. Others may spend two or more years getting ready to join their public school peers.

    *Orientation & Mobility Services, as well as therapy are provided to our students.

    Philosophy of Instruction

    • Provide an atmosphere that will give access to learning in a manner equal to that of sighted peers.
    • Provide classroom instruction by a certified teacher of children with visual impairment designed to maximize the use of visual and/or compensatory skills across all academic areas.
    • Provide skill instruction at each individual child’s demonstrated potential in pre-­‐academic and academic areas.
    • Provide instruction from specialists in occupational therapy, physical therapy, communication, augmentative communication, orientation and mobility, and technology experienced in the unique aspects of and impact of visual impairment compounded by other disabilities on the learning process.
    • Provide an intensive sensory curriculum to integrate remaining senses to better receive, process and use information.


    For more information please contact:

    Joy L Calles, M.Ed | Assistant Director Early Childhood/Educational Service Department
    P: 602.331.7904 | Fax: 602-678-5818 | E: jcalles@seeitourway.org